Fettweis Emballage


Fettweis Emballage is a Belgian company specialised in selling industrial bags made from plastic, woven polypropylene and hessian. The various products available (box bags, saches, sheets, big bags, box bags with flap, snap hooks, flood bags, PE films, cling films, etc.) are aimed at a very wide range of industries.

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Fettweis Recyclage


Val-i-PACFettweis Recyclage offers services in the collection, sorting and industrial crushing sectors for all types of plastics (PE, PP, PC, PS, PVC, ABS, etc.) around Verviers. Fettweis Recyclage has gained experience in Wallonia working with companies, collectivities, businesses and individuals. Fettweis also offers a waste disposal site for the town of Verviers.

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Fettweis SPRL, rue Houckaye, 2, 4800 Ensival (Verviers) - Belgium